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Learn how to unlock people's full potential and accelerate their performance

Did you know, the most commonly used personality tests were published in the 1940s, 50s and 60s?


For decades, we’ve relied on personality testing to get to know ourselves and others a little better.  Some of these lack the evidence to deliver the right results.

There’s no doubt they’ve contributed to some great outcomes in their time, but as a society, we have moved on. It’s time for a modern approach.


It’s time to say goodbye to the tests from the past and hello to motivational science.

The new generation is here.

A modern tool for modern times

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As humans we’ve evolved. But, the common methods we use to understand ourselves and others have not. If you’re not using the RMP, you’re stuck in the past.

  • Published in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

  • ​Categorise and cram people into boxes.

  • Only look at surface level insights. 

  • Fail to make a significant impact on performance.

The old way

The RMP way

  • Launched in 2007.

  • Generates a unique profile for everyone. 

  • Discovers the underlying causes of behaviour. 

  • Offers a whole-of-self perspective. 

  • Modern and relatable with real impact. 

What you'll learn

Get the best out of every person, in every situation

Our certification program will have you understanding humans better than ever before. A skill that is particularly beneficial if you’re in the field of enabling people and teams achieve great outcomes.


The program has been built to teach you the science, immerse you in the powerful insight and arm you with the tools and techniques you need to get the best out of everyone, in every situation.

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Science-y stuff

The fundamentals of The Science of Motivation® and The 16 Basic Desires.

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Impactful stuff

Debriefing and coaching techniques to get the best out of individuals and groups.

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Insightful stuff

Analysis, interpretation and application of motivational insights.

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Practical stuff

Navigating RMP Insights™, and onboarding to the Master’s Community.  

What's included?

On your journey to becoming a Master, we’re by your side every step of the way. Here’s what you get:

  • Flexible program delivery options to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Your own Reiss Motivation Profile and 90 minute debrief prior to commencing your program.

  • Free entry into the Australian RMP Master’s Community for your first year.

  • Access to RMP Insights and ongoing tools and resources post-certification.

  • 3 free profiles to offer to your family, friends or network to practice your art as an RMP Master.

  • 60 mins of 1:1 coaching and support with a senior RMP Master post-certification to use however you like.

Program Showcase

Take a look

Inside our 2-day, Fast-tracked Program

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Cam Brooks

The Melbourne Business School

The Master Certification Program was fun and informative. It provided the tools and training to help me help my clients discover their potential for growth and improved performance.


The RMP is a fantastic tool, I love its versatility. It’s also one of the few instruments that I’ve come across that is grounded in evidence-based research on motivation.

The Masters Certification Program is a fantastic way to get into the detail of the Reiss Motivational Profile. It provided me with the tools I needed to fully grasp the process and provide valuable debrief sessions to our clients.

I love the RMP. It certainly helped me get to know myself better and didn’t put me into pre-existing categories or boxes like other tools tend to do.

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Steve Lock

Senior HR Consultant

Dominate in your field, maximise your impact.

Use the same tool that the NBA, US Airforce and other household brands use to create thriving environments and drive incredible performance outcomes.

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Prgram Options

Delivery Option 1

Hybrid Program

Ideal for busy professionals, this 4 week program can be seamlessly integrated in your weekly routine. 

The online learning components can be scheduled to fit when it suits you. 

Time Commitment

Over a 4 week period, there's only 1 day of face-to-face learning, and an average of 4 hours of online learning each week.

Hybrid Summary.png

Download the Hybrid Program Guide

A copy of your program guide is on its way!

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David Eilenberg

Global HR Director, Spectrum Brands & Executive Coach

The only downside of becoming a Master in 2021 was that I didn’t do it at the start of my career.


Having studied Psychology, I’ve been exposed to all the common profiling tools, the RMP is different. Its straightforward to administer, provides meaningful insights, and treats everyone as individuals, rather than segmenting them into pre-defined categories. 

I’ve been delighted by the impact RMP has had on coaching outcomes – taking discussions to a much deeper level.

Fast Summary.png

Delivery Option 2

Fast-tracked Program

Ideal for those who want to get in and get it done.

You can either join an upcoming program, or we can run a dedicated program for you and your team.

Time Commitment

A 2-day face-to-face intensive program, with approximately 2 hours of pre-read material.

fast tracked

Download the Fast-tracked Program Guide

A copy of your program guide is on its way!

  • What do I receive once I become an RMP Master?
    Certification as an RMP Master gives you access to the following: Authority to purchase and administer the Reiss Motivation Profile®. Access to our locally built and hosted platform RMP Insights™, to purchase, administer and debrief the Reiss Motivation Profile®. Ability to analyse and debrief individual and team profiles with custom reporting through RMP Insights™. Free entry into the Australian RMP Master’s Community for the first year. Ongoing tools and resources to maximise your impact as a Master. Ongoing sales and marketing collateral and templates to support you in sharing The Science of Motivation® in your field.
  • Who can become an RMP Master?
    Due to its scientific and psychological nature, each application of the RMP has prerequisite entry criteria into our certification program. RMP Masters in Business Demonstrated tertiary level qualifications and minimum 1 year experience in the following fields. HR & Organisational Design Practitioners. Employee Experience Designers. Talent Management Specialists. Executive and Career Coaches. RMP Masters in Sport ​Demonstrated tertiary level qualifications and minimum 1 year experience in the following fields. Sports Psychologists. High Performance Coaches. RMP Masters in Education School Teachers & Licensed Educators. School Psychologists, Counsellors & Social Workers. Licensed School Administrators. RMP Masters in Self Licensed Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Licensed Social Workers, Counsellors, Coaches and Marriage Therapists or equivalent.
  • Do I need to be certified to use the RMP?
    Yes. As with most profiling tools, certification is a requirement of using and applying the tool. With the Reiss Motivation Profile® in particular, it is based on comprehensive scientific research and requires all users to understand The Science of Motivation® to be able to uphold its integrity and scientific rigour. All administered profiles also require a personalised debrief with a certified RMP Master. This ensures consistency in the way the results of an RMP are shared and allows the individual to get the most value out of their profile.
  • How can I use the RMP once I'm a Master?
    Specific applications of the RMP depend on the field your in, but broadly, you can use the RMP to: Support people achieve a deeper level of self and others. Improve and strengthen relationships between people. Increase the impact of leaders. Tailor and shape experiences and environments to help people excel. Elevate the dynamic of teams for high performance.
  • How long does it take to become certified?
    We have two certification options. Hybrid Delivery Delivered over a 4-week period with minimal time commitment to integrate it seamlessly into your busy schedule. This program is a combination of online, remote learning and 1 face-to-face day. Fast Tracked Delivered over 2 face-to-face days and supported by some pre-read material. This program is ideal for the people that want to get it done and out of the way as quick as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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