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Creating an NBA All Stars Player


The Reiss Motivation Profile® is used with National Basketball Association (NBA) teams for player recruitment, player motivation and team dynamics.

In this example, it was used to develop a rookie recruit into an NBA All Stars Player, in under a year.

The RMP's role in creating an NBA All Star 

The RMP was administered to understand the player's underlying needs and develop a personalised coaching program.


This particular player was originally recruited for his skills and abilities on the court. However, his athletic ability and motivation to stay in shape was lacking.


The RMP revealed this player has a strong desire for Family. Meaning, he prioritises and values time spent with his family. The coaching staff recognised the importance of family for this player and ensured his training regime accommodated this need.

After adapting his training regime, the rookie recruit flourished. He was motivated and committed whole heartedly to his NBA journey, quickly transitioning into the NBA All Stars Team.

The power of insight

Identifying what makes an athlete tick opens a whole new level of performance potential. 

Tailoring coaching programs, regimes and strategies to meet the needs of an athlete can maxmise their physical and mental performance, enabling them to achieve their goals. 

Case Studies

The RMP in action across the globe

It might be new to Australia, but there's no shortage of success stories from around the world. 

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Excellence

Poland Jaguar Land Rover used the RMP to achieve an increase of 153% in sales, in one year.

A Recruitment Revolution

One of America's most reputable venture capital firms used the RMP to find their next Chief of Staff.

Olympic Gold Medalist

An Olympic Weight Lifting Champion used the RMP to win a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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