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The Reiss Motivation Profile®

Unlock performance with
The Science of Motivation

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Results are backed by research & science.

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Results are unique and whole-of-self.

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Results can be meaningfully compared.

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Results can reliably predict behaviours.

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Results can be applied across all aspects of life.

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When we know what we need, there's no stopping us.

The problem is, most people have no idea what they need, and most leaders and teams have no idea what their people want. Relying on surface level personality tests isn't enough, and the cost of not knowing is too great.

Getting beneath the surface and looking at motives is far more powerful. It helps to reliably predict future behaviours and maximise performance.

Motivational insights can be used to build high-performing individuals, leaders and teams, strengthen relationships, increase engagement and satisfaction and enable purpose-driven, connected cultures.

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Great performance, positive behaviour and traits.

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Poor performance, negative behaviour and traits.


Positive thoughts & feelings

Thoughts & Feelings

Negative thoughts & feelings


Satisfied needs


Motivation & Needs

Unsatisfied needs


The Reiss Motivation Profile®

Professor Steven Reiss, a leading psychologist in human behaviour, dedicated his life to finding out what makes people tick. 

Launched in THIS MILENIA, 2007, the RMP is the only modern, scientifically validated and reliable tool that measures motivation.

RMP Masters across the globe rely on The Science of Motivation to max momentum across all areas of life.

The US Airforce, NBA, gold medal Olympians, schools, organisations and over 200,000 people globally are using powerful insights from the RMP daily.

How it's used

Elevate performance in any scenario

The RMP is powerful for use in organisations, sport, education and self-discovery. Its holistic perspective allows people to bring their whole self to every context, increasing alignment, maximising performance and creating genuine happiness. 


Leadership and team effectiveness, career and professional development, organisational performance and culture, candidate mapping, and diversity & inclusion efforts.

16 Personalities Test


Level-up individual and team performance, manage behaviour under pressure, resolve conflict among teammates, strengthen team connection.

Psychometric Testing


Identify a student's learning preferences and meaningful interventions to shape individual learning experiences.

Psychometric Tests


Accelerate self-discovery, understand what makes people tick,  and empower them to pursue a purpose-driven, fulfilled life. 

MBTI Personality Test
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The RMP Report

Based on answers given to the 128 item questionnaire, an RMP report reveals a person's unique prioritisation of the 16 basic desires. 

The RMP report must be debriefed by a certified Master. For individuals, the report:

For Masters, the RMP Report:

  • Delivers insights and analytics across individual, team and company.

  • Is administered through a purpose-built, secure, Australian hosted testing platform.

  • Can be customised and compared with others using the in-system reporting and dash-boarding functionality.

  • Uncovers a lifetime’s worth of powerful insight and self-discovery work, in minutes.

  • Provides relatable insights that can be applied to all life contexts. 

  • Is interactive and intuitive, securely accessed via our local platform.

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Quick and easy to complete.

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Based on 16 Basic Desires.

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Debriefed with a certified Master.

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Dashboards and comparisons.

Case Studies

The RMP in action across the globe

Although new to Australia, the RMP has had remarkable success across the world. Take a look at these case studies.

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Excellence

Poland Jaguar Land Rover used the RMP to achieve an increase of 153% in sales, in one year.

NBA Rookie to NBA All Star 

An NBA team used the RMP to develop a rookie recruit into an All Stars Player, in under a year.

A Recruitment Revolution

One of America's most reputable venture capital firms used the RMP to find their next Chief of Staff.

Olympic Gold Medalist

An Olympic Weight Lifting Champion used the RMP to win a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

What makes the Reiss Motivation Profile® so special?

Do you use DiSC, MBTI, LSI, HBDI? Take a look at how the RMP stacks up.

Get Certified 

Become an RMP Master

With great power, comes great responsibility. We certify Masters to administer the RMP, giving them the power to make genuine impact.

What's involved in certification?

  • 2 training delivery methods to suit your time availabilities and other commitments. 

  • 3 RMP profiles to administer to friends and family to get familiar with the tool and debriefing process.

  • Coaching from a Senior RMP Master to refine your knowledge and debriefing techniques.

  • Access to resources and tools to max your impact.

  • Access to an active community of passionate RMP Masters to share insights and learnings.

Team Building Activities At Work
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Join a passionate, like-minded community.

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Have endless impact in your field.

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Get access to our local testing platform.

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Become a Master of what people need. 

Upcoming Certification Programs

Interested in becoming an RMP Master? Apply to join one of our upcoming certification programs, or express interest in a future date. 

A consultant will contact you to review your application. 

Master Certification


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