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When you know what students need . . .

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You can teach more effectively

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You can align career pathways

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You can address behaviours of concern

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You can max their concentration


The Reiss School Motivation Profile®

Have an early impact

Nurture the future, unlock their potential

Learning shouldn't be a one-size fits all approach. The Reiss School Motivation Profile® (RSMP) brings a tailored, individual approach to learning. 

Every student has a different set of needs and motives, yet learning strategies rarely allow for or recognise these differences. 

Not only does the RSMP enable individualised learning, it fast tracks the self-awareness journey for students. Helping them understand and articulate their needs to shape and nurture futures that align. 

The RSMP is the only modern, scientifically validated and reliable tool that measures motivation in schools (i.e. what students need). It is normed for use with students aged 12-25.

When you know what students need you can optimise their learning experience, tailor suitable environments and plan meaningful interventions to improve grades, address behavioural concerns and identify potential career choices for students.

Tailoring student's learning preferences and experiences at school

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Understand student learning preferences 

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Identify aligned career pathways

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Optimise grades and performance

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Deploy meaningful learning interventions

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Address behavioural concerns

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Start the self-discovery journey early

The 16 Basic Desires

The Reiss Motivation Profile® generates a unique, scientific view of an individual through the prioritisation of these 16 basic desires.

Leadership Assessment Tools


the desire for positive self regard

Motivation Assessment


the desire for aesthetically pleasing experiences

Motivation Assessment Test


the desire for understanding

360 Personality Assessment


the desire to consume food

Assessing Motivation


the desire to raise children & spend time with siblings

Human Motivators


the desire for upright character

Leadership Team Assessment


the desire for social justice

Leadership Training Purpose


the desire for self-reliance

Leadership Training Tools


the desire for structure & stability

Aptitude Tests

Physical Activity

the desire for muscle exercise

Career Coaching


the desire for influence of will

Recruitment Tests


the desire to collect things

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Social Contact

the desire for companionship with peers

MBTI Aptitude Test


the desire for respect based on social standing

Motivation Assessment For Employees


the desire to avoid pain and anxiety

Science Motivation


the desire to confront those who offend us

If I know how an individual prioritises and combines the 16 Basic Desires, I can predict with significant validity the individual’s personality traits, values, relationships and behaviour in real-life situations.

Professor Steven Reiss

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The RMP Report

Based on answers given to the 128 item questionnaire, an RMP report reveals a person's unique prioritisation of the 16 basic desires. 

The RMP report must be debriefed by a certified Master. For individuals, the report:

For Masters, the RMP Report:

  • Delivers insights and analytics across individual, team and company.

  • Is administered through a purpose-built, secure, Australian hosted testing platform.

  • Can be customised and compared with others using the in-system reporting and dash-boarding functionality.

  • Uncovers a lifetime’s worth of powerful insight and self-discovery work, in minutes.

  • Provides relatable insights that can be applied to all life contexts. 

  • Is interactive and intuitive, securely accessed via our local platform.

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Quick and easy to complete.

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Based on 16 Basic Desires.

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Debriefed with a certified Master.

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Dashboards and comparisons.

Get Certified 

Become an RMP Master

With great power, comes great responsibility. We certify Masters to administer the RMP, giving them the power to make genuine impact.

What's involved in certification?

  • 2 training delivery methods to suit your time availabilities and other commitments. 

  • 3 RMP profiles to administer to friends and family to get familiar with the tool and debriefing process.

  • Coaching from a Senior RMP Master to refine your knowledge and debriefing techniques.

  • Access to resources and tools to max your impact.

  • Access to an active community of passionate RMP Masters to share insights and learnings.

Team Building Activities At Work
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Join a passionate, like-minded community.

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Have endless impact in your field.

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Get access to our local testing platform.

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Become a Master of what people need. 

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