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The Reiss Motivation Profile®

A comprehensive, scientific measure of intrinsic motivation.

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Results are backed by research & science.

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Results are unique and whole-of-self.

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Results can be meaningfully compared.

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Results can reliably predict behaviours.

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Results can be applied across all aspects of life.

Developed empirically, the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a normative test that has passed stringent peer reviews for publication in scientific journals, and been endorsed by multiple independent researchers for its validity and reliability.

The Science of Motivation®

Ground-breaking, modern research

Professor Steven Reiss used a worldwide exploratory research method over several years to identify the 16 basic desires, that are common to everyone and deeply rooted in human nature. 

How did he do it?

He identified a comprehensive list of 500 items that would be considered common goals. After reducing this to 328 items by way of redundancies, each item was transformed into a statement to measure intensity of motivation; how much the item mattered to the individual.

Factor analysis was used across a series of four studies, each with different samples (totalling 2,554 people, aged 12-76 and from all walks of life), to derive the final list of the 16 basic desires.

Following this break-through research, Professor Steven Reiss developed The Reiss Motivation Profile®; the world’s only comprehensive, standardised measure of intrinsic motivation.

It's a normative test that produces stable and consistent results (reliability) and has been endorsed and peer-reviewed against concurrent and criterion validity. It is a powerful tool, proven in its application.

The 16 Basic Desires

Characteristics of a Basic Desire

There's no doubt some rigorous analysis was used to identify the 16 Basic Desires. As part of qualifying the final list, each desire was assessed against the following criteria. 


A goal that is common to everyone and deeply rooted in human nature.


People pursue the basic desires for no reason other than its what they want.


A basic desire is temporarily fulfilled. Satisfying a desire requires repetitive action throughout our lives.


A basic desire has influence over or contributes to the shaping of our core values. 

Psychological Significance

A motive must have psychological significance to be considered a basic desire.

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The 16 Basic Desires

The Reiss Motivation Profile® generates a unique, scientific view of an individual through the prioritisation of these 16 basic desires.

Leadership Assessment Tools


the desire for positive self regard

Motivation Assessment


the desire for aesthetically pleasing experiences

Motivation Assessment Test


the desire for understanding

360 Personality Assessment


the desire to consume food

16 Baic Desires
Assessing Motivation


the desire to raise children & spend time with siblings

Human Motivators


the desire for upright character

Leadership Team Assessment


the desire for social justice

Leadership Training Purpose


the desire for self-reliance

Leadership Training Tools


the desire for structure & stability

Aptitude Tests

Physical Activity

the desire for muscle exercise

Career Coaching


the desire for influence of will

Recruitment Tests


the desire to collect things

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Social Contact

the desire for companionship with peers

MBTI Aptitude Test


the desire for respect based on social standing

Motivation Assessment For Employees


the desire to avoid pain and anxiety

Science Motivation


the desire to confront those who offend us

Behind the Reiss Motivation Profile®

Professor Steven Reiss Ph.D

Educated at Dartmouth College, Yale and Harvard Universities, and Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University, Steven Reiss' contributions to psychology were extensive. 

Along with the The Science of Motivation® and The Reiss Motivation Profile®
, Professor Reiss created two other widely-used psychological measures, authored five books, and published seventeen articles in prestigious scientific journals.

Reiss Motivation Australia are honoured to bring The Science of Motivation
® and The Reiss Motivation Profile® to our part of the globe. 


What makes The Reiss Motivation Profile® so special?

Do you use DiSC, MBTI, LSI, HBDI? Take a look at how RMP stacks up.

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