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Building an Olympic Champion


The Reiss Motivation Profile® has been used with Olympic Athletes to elevate their performance and help them achieve gold medals. 

Applying The Science of Motivation® to sports enables a personalised approach to coaching. Creating a unique competitive edge that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

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The RMP's role in building an Olympic Gold Medalist

An Olympic Weight Lifting champion needed help finding the motivation to continue in his sport after a significant personal loss.

The RMP was administered to the athlete to identify his underlying needs. His RMP highlighted his strongest striving was the desire for Status; meaning he places value on respect, reputation, title and being perceived as 'the best' in his athletic field.


His coach was able to use these results to give the athlete 'VIP treatment', creating an environment that fulfilled his desire for Status. When our needs are met, we are in flow.


His coach used his flow-state as a mechanism to overcome adversity, level-up his performance and motivate him to become 'the sport's unrivalled king'.

In 2008, the athlete went on to win a Gold Medal and break his previous personal records at the Beijing Olympics.

The power of insight

Identifying what makes an athlete tick opens a whole new level of performance potential

Tailoring coaching programs, regimes and strategies to meet the needs of an athlete can maxmise their physical and mental performance, enabling them to achieve their goals. 

Case Studies

The RMP in action across the globe

It might be new to Australia, but there's no shortage of success stories from around the world. 

NBA Rookie to NBA All Star 

An NBA team used the RMP to develop a rookie recruit into an All Stars Player, in under a year.

A Recruitment Revolution

One of America's most reputable venture capital firms used the RMP to find their next Chief of Staff.

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Excellence

Poland Jaguar Land Rover used the RMP to achieve an increase of 153% in sales, in one year.

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