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Driving Exceptional Sales Performance


Poland Jaguar Land Rover used the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) to achieve an increase of 153% in sales, in one year.

Leveraging the Science of Motivation, they significantly outperformed their entire market for that year. In comparison, sales across the rest of the European Union countries only increased their average sales by 23%. 

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The RMP's role in elevating sales performance

The RMP was administered to all members of the Jaguar Land Rover Sales Team to enable the Management by Individuality initiative. ​

Based on their individual motives, Sales Managers had the ability to motivate each Sales Representative, set meaningful goals and understand blind spots that may lead to conflicts within the team.

Through enhanced self-awareness amongst Sales Representatives, they were able to better relate to their customers, which led to better customer experiences and improved sales performance.

The power of insight

As an employer or leader, you and your teams can unlock a range of benefits through the power of motivational insight.


Understanding what drives someone, helps to ensure they're successful in their role and contribute meaningfully to their organisation. 

Case Studies

The RMP in action across the globe

It might be new to Australia, but there's no shortage of success stories from around the world. 

NBA Rookie to NBA All Star 

An NBA team used the RMP to develop a rookie recruit into an All Stars Player, in under a year.

A Recruitment Revolution

One of America's most reputable venture capital firms used the RMP to find their next Chief of Staff.

Olympic Gold Medalist

An Olympic Weight Lifting Champion used the RMP to win a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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