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A Recruitment Revolution


The Reiss Motivation Profile® is used with organisations across the globe to find the perfect fit and help new recruits excel.

Applying The Science of Motivation® to recruitment and onboarding revolutionising the experience for employees and employers.  

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The RMP's role in Recruitment & Onboarding

One of America's most reputable venture capital firms were seeking a replacement for their retiring Chief of Staff of 19 years. Finding the perfect fit was essential for the firm's continuity

The RMP was administered to the retiring Chief of Staff to uncover the intrinsic values and motives that had contributed to her success in the role for 19 years.


Her individual motives were mapped to create a the ideal candidate profile and target the search for her replacement. The team recruiting her replacement knew exactly what to look for and had all potential candidates undertake the RMP as part of their selection process.

The power of insight

Evidence demonstrates that skills and experience are only one piece of the job-fit puzzle.

The RMP supported this hiring manager find the right combination of underlying needs and motives to ensure the candidate's success in the role and organisation.

Case Studies

The RMP in action across the globe

It might be new to Australia, but there's no shortage of success stories from around the world. 

NBA Rookie to NBA All Star 

An NBA team used the RMP to develop a rookie recruit into an All Stars Player, in under a year.

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Excellence

Poland Jaguar Land Rover used the RMP to achieve an increase of 153% in sales, in one year.

Olympic Gold Medalist

An Olympic Weight Lifting Champion used the RMP to win a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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